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Friday, September 10, 2010

Dabangg !!! The Sal-Mania is on !

The 'Sal-Mania' is on its new height with the release of masala flick 'Dabangg'. And my God its an entertainer !! Though I would prefer Wanted over this, but Dabangg is an experience on its own. Super mind-blowing mindless Masala. Just Go for it !!

Some posts about the movie -

1. 10 Reasons why Dabangg Rocks - At BombayLives
2. The Big Dabangg Theory             - At DunkDaft

Thursday, July 8, 2010

'Fangirlism' of Nicki : Drooling over Ranbir Kapoor

Nicki of ApunBindaas, is famous for her fangirlism. John, Allu Arjun, Arjun Rampal and now Ranbir Kapoor - are high on her list. She always works hard to put all the beautiful screencaps under one post. This time she goes with three movies of the Actor of the Year 2009 - Ranbir Kapoor.

Head over to her post by clicking following pic.

Aisha: Music Reviews

Amit Trivedi is on a roll nowadays. After Udaan, he is there again with Abhay Deol-Sonam Kapoor starrer Aisha. The songs for the album are penned by Javed Akhtar. Here are some music reviews by fellow Bloggers.

1. Review at Happysing. By Harshit.

2. Review at Milliblog. By Karthik.

Keep watching this space for more.

Update: Review at Blogmgm by Raul.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I Hate Luv Storys

Title: I Hate Luv Storys Year: 2010 Cast: Imran, Sonam, Samir Soni, Sammir Dattani, Kavin Dave

The best part of the movie has to be who I saw it with, a really fun group of fellow bloggers and tweeters: Cynthia, Jessica, Valencia, The Bollywood Fan and Joe. The company unfortunately was far better than the movie could ever be. Which sounds ominous, but it really isn't- its not a bad movie, but not memorable; a fact that could have been avoided... but I'm getting ahead of myself, first- the story!

Imran has let his home in Long Island, NY to be part of Bollywood. He is one of Samir Soni's numerous assistants; Samir being a director modeled after Karan Johar, maker of numerous weepfests/lovesfests/Bollywood sagas. In comes Sonam, who is the art director; Imran gets assigned to help her, and like all the love stories ever, they argue first, and then eventually fall in love. She proposes first, he balks. Then he proposes and she balks. And then they both figure it out. And thats it. But its really well done, which makes the movie. Unfortunately, it could have been the little movie which could, and it ends up being the not so little movie which simply couldn't.

The pros:

  1. Imran Khan- he is all that a young hero should be. He makes his character quirky, funny, lovable, and that sweet face and those well threaded (or waxed) eyebrows do help- a lot. He slips right into his character, and lives it, and makes you believe, which is really all that matters.
  2. Kavin Dave- plays the chubby friend to Imran, and adds that unfathomable something to the movie. His humor fills in and lifts all the little gaps that would have been glaring in his absence. I want to see him in more movies.
  3. Samir Soni- One of those actors who has been around a long time, but hasn't gotten his due I think. This must be his most pleasant and long running role in a movie, and he does really well. His character behaves often how one would expect Karan Johar to behave, and he too, like Kavin, brings in his 100% to the movie.
  4. The script is well done- while the story could easily be classified as run of the mill, the script, the dialogues and their wit keeps things flowing as well as any good romantic comedy should. The premise of a movie inside a movie and of the self-aware humor are executed with a large wink to the audience, and have been done seldom better.

The cons:

  1. Sonam Kapoor- I saw Sawariya, and blamed Sonam's lack of performance on the fact that it was her first movie, and that she was just playing herself- a tentative, lovely girl, who is exploring the world around her. Then I saw Delhi-6, and blamed her lack of 100% being there in the fact that the movie was filled with so many great actors, an that since she was so new, she could just be herself- tentative, lovely, sweet. Unfortunately, with this movie, I cant make any of those excuses. She is lovely, wears adorable clothes, gazes prettily at the world, and - and that's pretty much it. The script granted her enough opportunities and dialogues to dazzle us blind. But like my fellow bloggers and tweeters agreed, she just doesn't deliver- her spoken dialogues lack emotion, her voice lacks modulation, and all the loveliness in the world cant excuse that. Her parents got her the face and the body, but the acting bit has to be her. She could of course, grow into being Aishwariya, and work with directors who give her fewer dialogues and more poses- which she would do very well at. Honestly. I was not being catty there.
  2. At some level, I have a little blame to place at the director, Puneet's door. It seems a bit complacent that having pretty stars and a snappy script would guarantee success. Maybe some thought should have gone to casting (See Con #1), and maybe coaching the actors to ensure that the end product works. All the self-aware cockiness of the script fails when one of the leads fails to execute, and that cant be just the actor's bad.

Conclusion: A movie to be seen only with pleasant company- alone, it would be simply a sad fail.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Two interesting posts by Louella

She's from Poland, Blogger since age of 9 !! And Indian cinema lover since last 2 years. Watched movies in Indian languages like any other fan. She is Louella.

Here I would like to discuss her two interesting posts she has posted recently.

One is Why it sucks to kill piracy - when it comes to Indian Cinema.
Next is How to remake movies - Basic Guide.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Bolly Chandeliers at ApniEastIndiaCompany

Yes, that's the name of Blog. Shewta at apniEastIndiaCompany, has this awesome post that is updated regularly. Its all about Chandeliers, sometimes a piece of decoration, and sometimes - like in Om Shanti Om - Chandeliers plays vital role to complete the climax !!

Below is one awesome chandelier moment, click on it to see more of them.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Hate Luv Storys : Movie Review by Erin Georgia

Super Exclusive movie review of I hate luv storys is posted by Erin Georgia at Fairy Filmi Ending - her blog.

Click on below picture to read her review.

IHLS Movie Review

Lagaan Week : at theBollywoodFan.com

Biggest fan of Aamir and Lagaan : theBollywoodFan organizes LAGAAN week each year on its anniversary. 15th June. This time it was fun to write posts about this epic. He's got some really insightful compilation of blog posts dedicated to the movie.

Click the pic below to catch the craziness for a religion called LAGAAN.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Music Reviews of Anurag Kashyap's UDAAN

Promising as always, Anurag Kashyap is coming with 'Udaan'. And far more promising music Director Amit Trivedi, shines in this soundtrack with lyrics of Amitabh Bhattacharya.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Decade of Hindi Cinema : by Freak's paradise

A really impressive list of 10 movies of last 10 years, only one is the mainstream, 9 are not. But equally powerful movies that did not become big hits but must watch for movie goers.

Click on the picture to head over to his post.

Devdas (1955) by Bollyviewer

Well, I have found so many haters of SRK's version of Devdas. Or say, Bhansali's version. But I loved it for its lavish scale and gorgeous soundtrack. After watching that movie, I saw the B/W Devdas starring Dilip Kumar. Blinded by huge sets of Bhansali, b/w movie did not impressed me much. But later on, 2nd viewing of Dilip saab's version, got me impressed. After reading book, I found that 1955 movie was more authentic in terms of being honest to the original story.

Bollyviewer - at Old Is Gold - talks about this Bimal Roy Classic - with her trademark screencaps with punchlines. Click on Picture [or here] to head over to her post.

Sujoy's Tribute to R.D.Burman

July 27th - Birthday of legendary musician of Hindi Cinema - Rahul Dev Burman. Sujoy from One Knight Stands pays his tribute through blogpost dedicated to 'the Boss' !

Click on the Picture to head over to his post.