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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Devdas (1955) by Bollyviewer

Well, I have found so many haters of SRK's version of Devdas. Or say, Bhansali's version. But I loved it for its lavish scale and gorgeous soundtrack. After watching that movie, I saw the B/W Devdas starring Dilip Kumar. Blinded by huge sets of Bhansali, b/w movie did not impressed me much. But later on, 2nd viewing of Dilip saab's version, got me impressed. After reading book, I found that 1955 movie was more authentic in terms of being honest to the original story.

Bollyviewer - at Old Is Gold - talks about this Bimal Roy Classic - with her trademark screencaps with punchlines. Click on Picture [or here] to head over to her post.

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